Let’s Get Down to Business!

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So I sit here, messy braid in my hair, wrapped up in my favorite wool sweater, the sound of the rain hitting the windows muffled by the banjo of Mumford Sons playing on repeat in my headphones that keep falling out, it is time to write my first blog entry.

To be one hundred percent honest, I have no idea how to do start a blog. I don’t even know where to begin. Do I follow blogs first? How do I even do that? What do I write about? What is this SEO? How do I even take quality photos with nothing but an iPhone? How do I design a blog layout? How do I get followers? Someone please tell me how to run this blog.

If only life was that simple, if we had someone tell us how to do everything we desired, how fun would that be? Where would the trials and fails and pure frustration come into play? How would we even appreciate our final product? We wouldn’t. That’s half the fun. Figuring out the mechanics, and making plans of attack, in my opinion, is probably my favorite part of this whole adventure.

Now I spend the rest of my day researching the ins and outs of blogging. Taking notes, trial and error, playing around online to uncover and expose the secrets of blogging.  I will spend most of this rainy afternoon collecting tips and bits of advice I can’t wait to share.

I will hopefully come to you next time with my findings as well as a couple happy moments along the way.

 Screen shot 2013-10-14 at 3.31.34 PM


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